AVAA Studios

The AVAA Building is divided upstairs into 1,000 square-feet of studio space, and downstairs, 1,000 square-feet of workspace, which is used during the week as our life drawing room. This non-traditional venue, a 1907 historic building renovated completely by AVAA members, has become an artists’ hub for studio work, collaborations, professional development and community partnerships. Our Studio Artists upstairs at AVAA are  Jeanne Stern, Nathan Burgess, Henry Davis, Maurice Vellas and Ann Flemings. Downstairs we have photographer/filmmaker Amy Bench. Sadly, our long-time studio artist Jack White passed away. We all miss him dearly! He was with our AVAA Studios for 16 years.

AVAA Studios: Jack White (In Memoriam)

   Abstract Impressionist Jack White received the President's Award at the Austin Visual Arts Awards in 2012 at the AT&T Center in Austin. He has made his studio his second home at the AVAA … [Read more...]